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    Introducing the PengPod1040, the tablet that will change everything. This unique product will transform the PC and Tablet world by merging both elegantly together to fit any lifestyle.
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    We want to be able to offer PengPod 1040 Tablet with the best software possible, at the best price possible and produce a quality product with an experienced, open source friendly contract manufacturer.
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Commercial Uses

With the PengPod running GNU/Linux the capabilities are endless in the commercial world. We’ve had customers turn our tablet into a register interface, run SCADA systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), contactless Attendance systems, used to plot land for land boundary surveyors, interface for 3D printers, Used as the touch interface to countless systems. With PengPod your imagination is the only limitation.


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 "Finally, the Linux army has its own portable, touch-screen option." 

Eric Mack

 "If you want both Android and a full desktop operating system on a touchscreen device it doesn't get any more affordable than the PengPod."

Jon Brodkin

“PengPod created excitement because it promised to build a tablet that would run Linux as well as Android and be "free of Google and Android's restrictions.""

Julie Bort

  "The prospect is a compelling one, and it fits right in with the Linux-powered revolution that’s been going on."

Kathetrine Noyes

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